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Have a nice trip in Ly Son Island

From the centre of Quang Ngai, the Central of Vietnam, it takes about 45 minutes to get to Ly Son Island. The 10-square-kilometer island is one of Vietnam’s most amazing corners to explore. Ly Son island has a diverse ecosystem with five mountains, namely Thoi Loi, Gieng Tien, Hon Vung, Hon Soi, and Hoi Tai, which lures tourists with its mysterious caves, majestic waterfalls, and plenty of rivers and lakes. Especially, when looking beyond the mountains, there are lines of stunning pristine beaches with colorful rocks, pebbles, and corals.

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Ly Son includes 2 small islands, called Main island and Little island. Visit Main island, don’t be surprised if you see garlic everywhere because it’s also known as the kingdom of Garlic. Moreover, Main Island is famous for Hang Pagoda with ancient architecture surrounded by beautiful scenery.

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The best way to explore Ly Son island is to ride around. The island is small and it takes you about half day to see it all by motorbike. You’ll have chances to admire not only beautiful beaches with thousands of coral reefs and a diverse array of shells but also a lot of organized and nice garlic fields, mountains with good views, etc. All is perfect for an amazing adventure trip.

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Don’t forget to enjoy a journey to explore charming Ly Son Island through the short video above.