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Tran Quoc is an ancient Pagod located in a corner of Hanoi West Lake and well- known in Vietnam

Tran Quoc is an ancient Pagod located in a corner of hanoi West Lake and well- known in Vietnam. The pagoda was built in the pre- dynasty Ly Nam De (541-548) on the beach of the Red River in the territory of Yen Hoa village (now the Yen Phu Ward, Tay Ho district). The pagoda was honored to be recognized as “cultural relic” at national level in 1989. In late 2003, the pagoda had a more significant project: lotus tower in the campus of the pagoda.


Tran Quoc Pagoda

The current abbot Tran Quoc Pagoda Thich Thanh Nha said: “This work is consistent with the will of the chief because the lotus tower is symmetric with linden tree that is in front of the pagoda’s gate. The linden tree was presented by Indian President Prasat on his visit to vietnam in 1959. The symmetry carries a profound meaning: lotus symbolizes Buddha sincerity. The linden tree is cognitive and ultimate wisdom. They all imply the nature of the phenomenon and methods “.

The 11- storey tower is 15 meters high and 10.5 square meters. Each storey consists of 6 arches, with statues of Buddha Amitabha made of precious stones. The total number of statues is 66 and at the top of the tower have 9 lotus layers made of precious stones.

The tower was constructed in June, 1998, but due to lack of conditions, it was delayed until February, 2003, the work was completed with the total cost of VND 525 million. By the end of November 2003, the monument was inaugurated in the presence of authorities, The Buddhist Sangha of Vietnam together with numerous Buddhists and people.


The foreign tourists take part in the festival for peace on 10 October.