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Visiting Traditional Ceramic Village In Hanoi

Bat Trang traditional village of hanoi  looks like a paradise of ceramic products. This is a tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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Stores at Bat Trang market shows a lot of products in different shapes and styles. Because of being made by family companies, the price here is quite reasonable. A lot of people from surrounding regions and abroad come here to buy their favorite ceramic products.

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Apart from daily items such as pots, cups, plates, etc. stores sell a wide range of good such as: interior decorations, worship items, etc. Especially, ceramic pictures with harmonic color are selected by many customers.

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You can buy souvenirs like: necklaces, bracelets, key chains, piggy banks, etc. to present your relatives and friends.

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Visiting the ceramic village, tourists are able to take part in many entertainment activities such as riding buffalo vehicle to visit around the village.

Particularly, tourists cannot miss out making a handmade ceramic gift. You will be provided a rotate table and a tray of clay. Shopkeepers will guide you how to create a ceramic product. Finally, you feel free to shape for your product.

Traditional Ceramic Village In Hanoi

Shapes like cup, pot, bowl, etc. are easy to make. After finishing your product, it takes one hour for dry. And then, you will decorate it with available colors.

The fee for making ceramic product is VND 10,000 and each take- away product is VND 30,000.

Near the ceramic village have many exhibit stores. You can enjoy dishes like rice cake, cassava bread, hot- dog, grilled sweet potato, sugarcane juice, etc.

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Transportation: you can go to Long Bien station, then take bus number 47 to get Bat Trang. Or, you can use individual vehicle to go through Chuong Duong bridge, then turn right along Red Rive dyke road about 7 km.